Oxford University Press

I’d like to share what amazing few days I had in Oxford this week. I was invited to join the production of English teaching video that is being created by Oxford University Press. The video was made for benningers in English so we had to make sure we spoke very clearly and slowly so that the learners could understand with ease what is going on in the scene. It might sound very easy but it turned out to be a challenge – especially for me as I usually speak too fast 😉

In between filming I had some time to wander around a beautiful Oxford, especially lovely town centre with amazing noble buildings telling their history with every stone.

I must send some special thanks to James Magrane, the video producer and Carla de Nicola, the production manager who made this production run smoothly and in an incredibly nice atmosphere. Actually this is thanks to all the team involved as all of the crew was super nice and friendly.

I’d say I was blessed to be able to join this wonderful team.

Thank you!