Mr Putin

Oh, dear. What a shame! It’s been a long time since I wrote something here. The reason is not that I didn’t do anything creative it is simply – let’s be honest here – my laziness. I’ll try to be less lazy from now on. 😉

With pride I’d like to let you know that I took part in a new initiative in Manchester fringe theatre that is Manchester Acting and Directing Partnership. Their latest project is Scripts Aloud: brand new plays performed with script in hand, during an evening where professional writers, directors and actors collaborate and perform new works to a live audience.

I joined the crew of Mr Putin written by Robert Pegg. The story has many levels and tries to have a deepened look at different issues like relationships, gay issues, political issues and our role in all of this – what we can do, what we should do, what is wise to do, or maybe not so wise.
I took a part of Anatolia, a Russian official working in a censorial office. My responsibility was to evaluate the letter to Mr Putin – should he see it or not. I must say that the ending was a surprise to many. I enjoyed speaking with a Russian accent much. And I gave the audience a giggle which is always a good sign 😉

To see photos from the performance please go to my Gallery.

“SCRIPTS ALOUD” Kings Arms, Salford
“Mr. Putin” by Robert Pegg, directed by Sarah Hodgetts.
The Players: Gayle Newbolt, Rebecca England and Patrycja Halina Oprawko