Fashion World

Last Wednesday I entered into fashion world! 😉 No, I didn’t become a model – too many years and kgs away ;))) I however had a pleasure to film a commercial for a Fashion World brand. And I felt a bit like a model having to try different sorts of outfits. Fabulous! I was cast as Mum’s friend. My scene was quite straightforward – we were about to go out, sitting on the couch and drinking wine (!) – and we were given a real wine, so no gimmicks 😉 After several takes I felt verrrry happy 🙂 No, no, I behaved very professionally and didn’t take a sip. It was fun anyway. 😀

The cast and the crew was a pleasure to work with. Everything went very smoothly. And I could see how the set of the house is build – it always interested me. The lady who was responsible for the setting did a marvelous job – the house looked so cosy I could have moved in straight away! Sadly, it wasn’t for sale ;)) Magic of the filmmaking.

As soon as the ad is available on-line I’ll post a link.