AMAW 2-day Intensive

During last weekend, i.e. 23-24th April I had a privilege of taking part in Anthony Meindl’s Acting Workshop in London. It was 2 day of an intensive work on camera with Tony himself! I’ve been following Tony’s blog for many years and have always greatly appreciated his teachings and felt a great connection to what he has been saying. I wished there were more such teachers. And closer to where I live. He seemed to me like this amazing life/acting coach guru far far away in a great land of LA. And there he was just a few days ago – right beside me. I have marks till this day from pinching myself! πŸ˜‰

If someone is interested in what he says I encourage you to visit his website (link below) and dig deeper. However in short I can sum up this weekend teachings as a necessity to open up to the experience. As actors we have to allow ourselves to express fully and be present and open. Yes, it is scary and might be painful but without being fully in the scene we are just presenting something, scratching the surface of human possibilities and emotional availability. I must admit I questioned how healthy it is to open ourselves so much and allow to be transpierced with partner’s energy. However seeing how transformed actors were after allowing themselves for this openness I didn’t dare to ask. And even though I was just an observer I could feel the energy, the transformation, the meltdown of blockages and I cried a lot. I let myself to be carried away by experience. And it was cathartic. I came home changed, beaming with positive energy, ready to take actions to change my life for better. There is only light and love there. We just have to rich for it.

Relax. You are enough.

Link to Tony’s website

And if someone is fancy listening to a podcast Tony recorded for Ross Grant, ActOnThis where he talks about his book for actors “Book The F#Β©king Job”,the link is just here Tony’s podcast for ActOnThis I’ve read the book and it made me feel much much better about my journey as an actor and as a human being.

And the good news is there is a AMAW school in London! I will make my way there one day and rather sooner than later πŸ™‚

And a lovely picture of Tony and me after his signed his book for me πŸ™‚